Saving lives when it matters.

LiSa LifeSaver. Your emergency assistant for cardiac massages.

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LiSa LifeSaver

LiSa supports any first-aider who is performing first aid measures on adults and adolescents. The device is worn on the arm like a watch and supports the person providing aid during the cardiac massage by displaying the strength of the cardiac massage as well as the required frequency. In addition, LiSa provides the first-aider with a signal for rescue breathing after 30 signals for cardiac massage. At the same time, the first-aider also is assisted in maintaining a correct arm position.

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Easy to operate

The operation of the emergency assistant LiSa LifeSaver is easy to understand, can be learned quickly and is therefore well-suited for emergencies and first aid training.

Intuitive display

Any first-aider can understand the display for the compression depth of the cardiac massage right away. The instant feedback improves the quality of the cardiac massage very quickly.

Provides peace of mind

The instant feedback for the cardiac massage as well as the provision of the frequency and rescue breathing intervals allow the first-aider to confidently deal with the difficult situation of resuscitation.

Saves lives

A correctly-performed cardiac massage can triple a victim's chance of survival.*

For any first-aider

All you need to successfully use LiSa LifeSaver is what you learned during the first aid class for driver's license holders as well as a short instruction.

Compliant with 2015 AHA guidelines

LiSa LifeSaver meets the current resuscitation guidelines for Europe, North America and Australia, according to which cardiac massages are the most important first aid measure.

Saving lives with LiSa

Cardiac arrest is always unexpected. Whether at home, at work or on the road. A person collapses and stops breathing. Now the quick and correct actions of those present can save lives – even before the ambulance gets there. An effective cardiac massage can ensure that the brain gets a sufficient supply of oxygen. With LiSa, any first-aider can correctly perform a cardiac massage and therefore help save lives when it matters.

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Areas of application

Save life with LiSa when it really matters.

For first-aiders

LiSa gives first-aiders confidence in a difficult situation, allows them to perform an effective cardiac massage and therefore increases the chance of survival of the victims.

For first aid instructors

First aid instructors can use LiSa to convey the technique and feeling for cardiac massages to their students more quickly and easily. In the process, they can increase the quality of their classes.

For emergency medical services

Emergency medical service members can use LiSa to test and refine their cardiac massage technique in accordance with AHA guidelines. They can also keep in practise and train colleagues.

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